Teen Counseling

I specialize in working with adolescents, parents, and families and it's a tremendous honor to be considered a resource and support for families. Teens hold a special place in my practice. Family counseling and teen counseling can support and guide you and your family through the adventure of adolescence. Because young people are managing several crucial developmental milestones, many families may feel "stuck" as they enter into this new stage of the family life cycle. Adolescents are establishing a sense of autonomy, gaining their personal identities, and developing emotional independence, and simultaneously, body and brain changes are occurring as well.

Is your teen overwhelmed by stress?

The youth in our community face extreme pressure to reach academic, social, athletic, and physical success. Managing the demands of school, friends, and extra-curricular activities can feel overwhelming. If you are worried about the impact of stress on your child, then teen counseling and family counseling can offer you support and skills to teach your child to manage and gain control over the pressure, stress, and anxiety.

Have you noticed changes in your teen's behavior?

Is it becoming difficult to talk with your teen? Do you feel disconnected or distant from your child? Many teens benefit from talking with a family and teen counselor. Reconnecting with your child and building effective communication can help rebuild your family relationships.

Is your child experiencing conflicts with friends or peers?

We know how important friends are in the lives of our teens; they describe their best friends as the people who understand them most. Developing healthy relationships in addition to building confidence and self-esteem can help foster good decision making, resilience and optimism about the future.

Have you tried everything and yet could use a little more parenting support?

Are you unsure about how to help your teen? Are you losing your patience more often? Do you feel your expectations are not being met? I can work with you by helping you to utilize effective and proven parenting tools and by working directly with your child.

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