Invisible Condition Alert Program

Invisible Condition Alert Program - Utah Code 58-1-604

Utah’s Invisible Condition Alert Program is a voluntary program that allows a person with a defined “invisible condition” to have a symbol placed on their driver's license or ID card and register the invisible condition into law enforcement’s record management or computer-aided dispatch system. The Invisible Condition Alert Program is designed to promptly notify first responders about a person's invisible condition that may directly impact the person's ability to communicate.

As a healthcare professional practicing in Utah, I am required to make informational resources about Utah’s Invisible Condition Alert Program available to my patients in accordance with Utah Code 58-1-604.

Patients with a qualifying invisible condition who wish to participate in the program must make the request and consent to the release of their medical information via signature on the Driver’s License Division invisible condition request form and/or the Department of Motor Vehicles’ statement of invisible condition. As a healthcare professional, I may then certify via signature that the patient has the listed condition. Please refer to each form and/or the respective agency for form submission requirements.

Utah’s Invisible Condition Alert Program informational materials:

● Utah Health Care Professionals and Invisible Conditions as defined in 53-3-207

● Utah Driver License Division: 801-965-4437 

● Invisible Condition Request Form:

● Invisible Condition Removal Form:

● Statement of Invisible Condition

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