Bri Beck, LAMFT

Bri Beck, MFT Intern Meet Bri Beck, Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Seeking help in therapy takes strength and bravery, and I applaud clients for taking the first steps. It is easy to be hard on ourselves about how we feel or how we respond to the experiences in our lives. Sometimes we feel stuck, individually or in our relationships, and it can be hard to see how to change course. Often, we want something better, but where do we start, and how do we get there?

I am passionate about helping clients reach their potential to grow, change the patterns that no longer serve them, and move past the obstacles in their way. I work with individuals and couples to process and heal, create greater connections in their relationships, communicate more effectively, create healthy boundaries, and move through life more confidently and fluidly.

I have personal experience with relationship stress, trauma, chronic illness, and loss, as well as an academic emphasis in trauma-informed care. I understand how hard it can be to find a way forward. I believe people are incredibly resilient, and one of my goals is to help clients build on their strengths and empower them to lead more effective and fulfilling lives. I operate from an attachment-based lens, seeing the value and power of secure connection and the importance of safety in healing. 

It is important to me to create a compassionate and respectful environment to support clients in gaining self-compassion and insight throughout therapy. 

I believe that through therapy, clients can move past their stuck points to find peace and fulfillment in their lives.

I have completed the Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship through ICEEFT and IFS Level 1 through the IFS Institute. I operate from an attachment-based lens, using EFT and IFS to facilitate healing and growth. 

To schedule an appointment, please contact me at [email protected] or (801) 998-2099. I look forward to working with you. 

As a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, I receive ongoing supervision from Sara Collins, LMFT an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. 

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